Quick Heads Up On A Finds Pouches

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Pete E
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While mooching through our local BM Bargains store, I can across the following pouch, which I think with a little bit of modification would make an ideal finds pouch, and only £9.99 as well...

https://www.bmstores.co.uk/products/rol ... elt-316421

As it stands, it has three compartments/pockets, the third is a small sort of flappy hanging pocket on the front with the Rolson name on it...I don't think this is needed for our purposes, but as it is only sewn on along the top edge it would be easy to remove.

The other thing that might be surplus is the hammer loop, which again would be easy to remove or perhaps modify to hold a pinpointed or hand digger.

The main attraction of the pouch are that it is made from a very heavy duty nylon, and of course the price..
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Cheers pete, we have a local B&M so will take a wander down to stake them out :thumbsup:

My first ever finds pouch after just using my pockets was a market stall holders pouch, served me for many years :lol:
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The thing with any finds pouch is that it needs to be pretty tough and not too big. I recently looked into an alternative and bought an ex army pattern 58 double pouch for about £7 delivered. I just need to add a shoulder strap but not decided whether to use it single or double pouch yet. They're really tough material but I'll still put plastic cartons in one for convenience and to keep things separate.
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