Sold my soul to the Devil...

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I-Rutus wrote:
Wed Apr 28, 2021 9:34 pm
The other day out with Bob79, I discovered the Nox's Achilles heel. while Bob was digging nice small buckles on the soft, dry, fluffy, ground, I was digging nothing! The ground really was soft and fluffy, no stones, no clay, full of air, you never really needed a spade, you could dig a deep hole with your hands. And no matter what I tried with the non, I could not get a signal worth digging.

So this very week, yesterday in fact, after many hours of watching youtube, I bit the bullet, and sold my soul to the devil, and ordered an XP ORX with 9" HF coil. I could not ignore the fact that Bob was hitting good targets with his Deus, while I was hitting nothing with my trusty Nox. But fear not dear reader, I have not got rid of my Nox, and I have no intention of doing that anytime soon, but the ORX is here, and will be used on those occasions when the soil demands a different approach.
Having said that, as the ORX is new and I have to learn its foibles, I will be using it on my next two digs, just to see how it performs.
Oh dear, what have I done. :shock:
Just wondering how your getting on with the Orx?
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From what I have seen in the sagas, I am really impressed with the full tone of the Deus light. It reminds me of the sovereign tones which were brilliant for a avoiding foil, a major problem with my Goldmaxx.
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If it’s any help I too have the ORX as well as the Nox and I believe that they compliment each other,so good luck and happy hunting.
“Seek and you will find”,well probably…..
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