Horse S#%% (Shoe)

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I spent a good bit of time getting my Nox 800 to where I like the settings, volumes, squeaks, and burps.
My wife asked me to transport a horse yesterday (8 hr round trip) to his forever home.
And let him out for a roll in our sand arena the evening before. And it must have had 30mm of rain overnight.Noticed that a front shoe was missing.
"Oh, you will get that with your metal detector, wont take you a few minutes" said she.
Not an easy feat.
Spend all yoir time desperately avoiding iron, to be asked to go get it.
Not as easy as hitting the horseshoe button and it will Magically appear. I always use it with Iron on. But volume low.
We have plenty of old horseshoes, so dropped the sensitivity and it gave a faint -4 -14. Simple.

Well unless the shoe has dissolved, for the life of me, i cannot find it.
The woes of a metal detecting lockdown
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It might give a banging positive instead? :Thinking:
You could always drag a magnet over the area. :lol:
D2 - 13"x11" coil - audio only.
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