FLO said gun flint but I think scraper

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The FLO recorded this as a gun flint but the edge is too thin and delicate for that. The edge is almost see through.
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Never found either, myself, but I've seen plenty and I'd be querying gun flint, too.
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Difficult to tell without seeing and handling but my first guess is it isn't either one. Here's why I get to that conclusion.

Picture 1 is the ventral side and has very pronounced ripples heading to the distal end. The heavy rippling suggests it has been struck hard or too hard for knapping. And the proximal end where it's struck looks badly damaged, possibly when it was struck.
Pictures 2 & 3 seem to show retouch from both sides (bi-facial) but not in a consistent form.
Picture 2 looks to show the retouch coming from the ventral side which is the wrong side for this one.

And I was walking a field this morning and picked up even thinner edges but at best they are only debitage - the bits knocked off as the core or tool is prepared.
Is it a gun flint - I can't see why it would be as it's the wrong shape in all directions unless there's something I can't see.

So best guess would be debitage followed by a crudely worked flake for something temporary. And at worst a random strike from farm machinery.

But it's still a guess.

And a bit of debitage I picked up this morning. It's 3 cm from my thumb nail to the edge. The long flat edge is the distal end away from the striking platform. It was never meant to be a straight edge and is an undesirable hinge fracture. Even against the January sky the edges show up as very thin and are beaten up by the ground.
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Looks too thin for a gun flint to me, I reckon if that hit the frizzen you'd end up with an eye full of flint chips, no shooting glasses back then!

Could be wrong as I'm not an expert but I've shot a few flintlocks and that looks a lot thinner then the flints they had.
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