Bronze axe hoard and a good iron dig

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Hi all thought you might like to see the axe heads that where all dug within feet of each other they are all the same type socketed axe heads 500-600 total we have found 6 all in the same area I also dug the iron axe which I've been told is a woodmans axe 1400 all dug in lincoln on ploughed with equinox 800 around 12 to 18 inch deep cheers ken
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Cracking stuff, and thanks for showing them :thumbsup:

Reminds me of the time I popped in to see the FLO and was rewarded by the sight of two tables pushed together and a massive hoard of axe heads, knives and swords laid out with not much space between them. Never seen so many at one time and I think I may have dribbled a bit.

Love a bit of BA :thumbsup:
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An amazing find :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: I hope there's more to come mate :thumbsup:
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Oh wow - very, very nice indeed. Lucky man :Star:
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very nice . well done . :thumbsup:
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Ahhh so that's the big find :clapping:
Absolutely brilliant :thumbsup: Congratulations to you both :Party:
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Very nice, well done. :thumbsup:
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Brilliant finds , a bucket lister for me :thumbsup:
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Well done. Lovely items :thumbsup:
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Thats a good day had, well found and saved :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Regards Steve
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Great finds, well done !
Dave. :thumbsup:
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Brilliant, well done to you. Just one would make me tremble
muddy mick
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Awesome find
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Yep those are very nice finds....
well done and thanks muchly for showing them :thumbsup:
Very envious :mrgreen:
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Oo lovely! I like the fact they are different sizes. I would love a bit of Bronze Age but I have drawn a blank completely with that era....How exciting to dig these.
And the woodman's axe....i am sure I am not alone in thinking of those old fairy tales and folk tales where an axe took a central role....jack and the Beanstalk, Red Riding Hood etc....The woodman and his axe were a central plank of life...akin to the village blacksmith. The axe was very much 'of the people' and a weapon of the people too.
Another aspect is how metal detecting expands and alters one's concept of time. There are 2000 years between those axes....and the one most degraded is the most recent one. Plus of course there is a longer gap of time between the iron axe and the bronze ones than the iron age and the present day.
Mind boggling isn't it?
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