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Dave The Slave
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Start again, forgot to press the " save draft button " yesterday.
These things happen. The title , let`s get away from 6 especially " rule of ".
The only 6 we`re interested in, has to clear the ropes without touching the ground.
Monday, went out with the new coil, not through choice but a necessity, as the original one of 4 years, was battered.
So battered it reminded me of Mike Gattings` nose after that delivery from Malcolm Marshall.
Talking of deliveries, phoned up the Detecting Emporium and provided you order by 2.30pm, you get next day delivery, which i did, which reminds me, need to give them a positive review later.
Where was i, oh yes detecting.
Enter the field with the largest coil i have ever used, Nel Tornado.
First impressions, a lot easier to use on the stubble with the extra weight, compared to the old DD 8.5 x 11" coil.
Weight was not an issue either whilst detecting, prefer the solidity and shape of this coil.
Finds, nothing exciting but at least they were being made.
Seven in the title, referred to the number of buttons found, previous best was 3 or 4. Probably the oldest items found, whatever era these plain ones originate from.
Big agricultural towing ring thing i like.
The large piece with 4 holes below, will make a useful, item for joining 2 pieces of whatever together in the future. Apart from that just glad to have a working detector again. 35 items dug in total over near enough 4 hours. The forecast rain showers that were to arrive after 2 hrs, came 5 minutes before the end.
Roll on next week.
Cheers all, :thumbsup:
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Glad you are getting out again Dave. Whilst you got 7 buttons I think I beat you with shot gun cartridges and a live bullet. And rain in the last 5 minutes, i got soaked so you did better than me!

Good to be out though isn’t it?
Yes I really don’t like Roman coins, I’m not joking
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Thanks for sharing Dave you got the kinda haul that I end up with (glad it's not just me :lol: ) I always think it's just good to be out digging, finding something worthwhile is just a bonus.

Happy hunting on your next dig :thumbsup:
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7 being a lucky number in many cultures and countrys.....7 lucky buttons for 7 lucky shirts (i missed the "r" out when typing, thank the god of your choice for the preview button) :lol:

Ooooh, speaking of distractions, its almost panto season !

Well done for getting out fella, and yes its always nice to leave these companies a good review when they deliver the goods, especially in the present climate :thumbsup:
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good luck with the new coil . i'm sure it will find some cracking stuff as it did for me
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Dave if its a Garrett Ace that you are using the Nel Tornado on you will find it a great coil, much more ground coverage and more depth, and its a fantastic upgrade.

The weight is not an issue but it does change the balance of the machine, if you find this causes arm ache shorten the stem of the detector by one hole it then balances better.

However, there are still some cases where the smaller standard coil is better, eg very trashy ground or where a lot of obstructions limit movement of the coil. So although it might look battered the guts of the coil will still work - so use it when conditions are right.

Saying about "Mike Gattings` nose after that delivery from Malcolm Marshall" (which was rather a mess to put it politely) you have to remember that he was only the second change bowler :o :o so is it surprising that this injury occuring before the test series even started was followed by a 5-0 rout of England in the test (the same result as 2 years earlier). What the West Indies would give for a bowler like him now as they are not even a shadow of that great side of the eighties. Many know of Gattings injury and the English batting fiasco that followed, but less know that when the ball was returned to Malcolm Marshall he found a bit of bone from Gattings nose embedded in it!! :shock: :shock: :shock:

For those of you with a very low impression of the press on Gattings return to the UK for treatment to his detroyed nose one journalist came out with this amazingly stupid question ...... “Where exactly did he hit you?” . :pulling hair out: :pulling hair out:

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Dave , I am impressed with your perseverance and love of the hobby . I used the Tornado coil on my old ace 250 , I never took it off . I found my first hammered coin with that set up so I do have a soft spot for the Garret ace range . Although it was a little top heavy with the bigger coil I still found it quite well balanced . I shall miss using it when I am eventually moved on to the stubble fields , great coil , you won't be disappointed :thumbsup:
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