Hammered,silver and a mystery figure

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Hi folks here are a few more finds from last week on my toughest field and I'm hoping for an I'd on the mystery figure all found with the nox 800.the silver is 1819 happy digging cheers ken
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Some great finds there mate. I've got no idea what's in the 1st picture :Thinking: I can't even see that it's a figure? Another Lizzie too! Brilliant :thumbsup: I know you've worked your socks off for them :clapping:

Happy hunting and hope to see you soon.
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Nice silver :thumbsup:
As for the mystery item I thought maybe an ornate padlock plate, looks like the shape of a squashed frog

Regards Steve
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Must admit, I also thought I could see a squashed frog. No real idea to be honest other than a possible furniture mount of a sort. :Thinking: Nice bit of silver though :clapping: :thumbsup:
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Great finds, love those silvers :clapping:
And i agree it does look like a squashed frog....
It has some meaning because there are patterns on either side too, so some thought went into its making
No idea what it is though
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