Couple of tokens and a forgery

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Had a few hours out today and had three interesting finds two tokens and a forgery
1st Token was a wickwar farthing 1669 and found about 8 miles from wickwar which make sense
2nd Token was a T Hardy 1794 half penny
The forgery was a George 3rd half crown
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Like the tokens :thumbsup:

forgeries are an interesting find :thumbsup:

Well found and saved

Regards Steve
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Nice tokens Paint, ive stayed in the Buthay Inn in Wickwar a few times over the years, always had a good time :D :D :D
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Love a farthing token. They are superb local history and make me grin :D forgeries are a whole thing unto themselves. I know it’s disappointing they aren't silver but heck they are interesting aren’t they.

I might do an article on forgeries soon. The stuff about them is fascinating :thumbsup:
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Nice finds there Paint.

I took the T. Hardy 1794 token to be a local one (as was the case with the Wickwar one). However it is not and the background to it is fascinating. He was one of 3 arrested and charged with High Treason, but subsequently aquitted

All 3 of the accused had tokens made and the background to the events is and quality images of all 3 tokens are here- ... -part-two/

More details about Thomas Hardy and the trials can be found on Wiki - ... _reformer)

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Blimey, this forum seems to be a magnet for forgeries at the minute :lol:

Always a pleasure to find a local token :thumbsup:
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