Gold in them fields

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Well there you go Paul :thumbsup:
Didn’t I say there had to be some goodies in amongst all the crap. Great find. My reaction was about the same as yours when I found mine. Sheer disbelief, amazement, wonder. At least you didn’t have the other reaction that I had, I cried. Just stood there blubbering and saying ‘thank you, thank you’
Despite all the other nice finds you may have you’ll never forget that one. Great feeling ain’t it ! :D

Great finds and a great opening post :thumbsup:
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Great write up & great finds KB, well deserved for the time & effort put in,
Good luck for more soon.
Clint :thumbsup:
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Congratulations. That is the dream :thumbsup: I enjoyed the write up too.

Good luck on your next hunt.
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Well done on the gold :clapping: :clapping: my first gold was a Vickie half sovereign then a month later I found a William 3rd guinea hope you get the same luck :thumbsup:
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Congratulations on a great find, I’ve only ever found one gold coin, a Vicky half sovereign. It certainly improves your mood finding one of these in the bottom of a hole when you’re having a long slow day.
Thanks for the write up and pictures.
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