Copper token?

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I found this yesterday and thought it was just another blank Georgian ha’penny, but after a clean I can see some detail that leads me to think it’s a token of some sort. I’ve had a trawl around t’net and can find it.
On one side I can see 3 rows of text, but can’t quite see it. Maybe some ‘I’ or ‘O’s
Other side has a rectangle banner with raised dots. It could be upside down and there could be an ‘A’ on top of that banner.
Found in Gloucestershire.
Do we have any token experts on board?
Any help gratefully received. :thumbs-up
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Fair play to you for taking the time to clean it, it’s now got a story that deserves an answer,
Most would just throw it in the coppers pot without a clean thinking it’s just another copper Georgian/Victorian
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