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With the current situation in Wales and feeling pretty fed up with it all I needed something to give me a bit of a lift so decided to look back at some of my finds from over the years. Here are a few I quite like, hope you do as well.
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You’ve made some really nice finds over the years Steve. Be nice if you could give us more info on the pics.
The cross pendant is a great find and it would have looked even more stunning before it was lost. Smacks of Celtic in over-all design but a bit ‘flowery’ in between the main design.
Each one of those finds could give rise to lots of discussion.

John just showed me a post of a gold disk by someone called Marc in
Kilgetty ? Not much info on it other than it’s recorded as poss. the oldest gold item ever found in Wales and could be a burial item. (Now he cant find the post again) !!!

p.s. you ain’t on your own feeling a ‘bit’ fed up !
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I hope you are both coping OK. At least it’s only 2 weeks, not the indefinite one we had in the spring. Get those house jobs done so you are free to run to the fields as soon as you are released. Making Christmas cakes now is a great idea if you can be trusted not to eat them (my mum can’t and always makes at least 2!). Easy for me to say, not being in Wales, I know :oops:

Back to those lovely finds - I’m liking that penannular brooch - never found one of those. The hammy is lovely too - a groat? Agree with LB, it’d be lovely to hear more about them :D
Yes I really don’t like Roman coins, I’m not joking
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I do like that cross pendant. More information on that would be much appreciated.

All the best with the lockdown, at least it is time limited, it should also reduce the spread of the virus leaving you with more freedom than large parts of England when its over.

Due to an unfortunate event earlier this week I really need to go a few miles into Wales, (Powys which has one of the lowest virus rates in Wales), however I know that the Gloucestershire (which also has low rates of infection) police are stopping some cars (I do not know if its all) on the border to see why they are heading into Wales :o . Surely if the Welsh government do not want people going into Wales they should patrol the border leaving the English police to investigate crime in their own area?.

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Thanks for sharing those bits, Wittsy, old fruit :thumbsup:

Like the others, I'm loving that cross, but is it a pendant or is that the remnants of a hasp I can see on the base, which would make it more of a book fitting kinda fing?
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