Bronze gilded figure looking ID and age

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Found this great article. Sadly it’s in French but there’s some great info here if you can translate it ... arc_11.pdf
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Reading from my phone in English, I managed to go to the site direct and my phone asked if I wanted it translated,

Works a treat

Cheers for that :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Regards Steve
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Great find and i think it would be great to see it in more detail. I have only found a teeny fragment of a Limoges mount here in France. So still very much on my wish list. Well done Paint!
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The site Cath linked is one of several i visit periodically and i must scuttle around and link a few different ones....I read French (unless it is a parking ticket and they I claim ignorance :lol: )...but clearly these days there are better translation apps available than in the old babelfish days. (I remember some of those howlers....particularly the county of Loir et Cher (named for the two rivers through it) which was literally translated as the county of Dormouse-and-Expensive. :lol:
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