A few more memories

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Another few finds from over the years:-

A Jews harp minus the twanger found on my very first permission, not sure what age this would be.
A nice little Toy Cannon found on a coastal path, probably ornamental. Only about 2" long in total.
And finally one half of an 18th century Sword Guard. The design is a winged figure with various weapons radiating around it.
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All good interesting finds, I love finding old toys. I’ve never found a cannon but I’ve had a few soldiers and farm animals in the past.
Thanks for posting the pictures.
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Ah the little cannon. I remember them well. A favourite for the wall shadow box back in the 60’s. Think I might have had one :D
Never found a Jews Harp. That one’s a bit different to most. Nice find.
Wonder what happened to the rest of the sword. I s’pose it would have been a ceremonial one, show only type to maybe ornamental ?
Once again, some nice finds Steve :thumbsup:
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