Two more Romans

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Dave The Slave
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With round 2 of lockdown looming, it felt like this was to be my last day of detecting for a month.
Although we can detect, to me it feels wrong to be out even if you can be.
The day started well, fired up the old banger, the Golden Hour is on as always.
First song i heard, i named that tune in 4 notes, mind you they are pretty distinctive, Dancing in the Dark by Springsteen can only mean 1985.
This song has resonance for me as back in 1985, the day i moved from Salop :?: ( get your dictionaries out ) down to the South Coast, this was the first song on the radio on that cold February morning.
Next song on yesterday was the classic but rarely played " Out in the Fields " an up tempo and rousing song that deserves increased volume. The blood was pumping and even joined in with the lyrics, trouble is with joining in you miss listening to the song. Thankfully the car stereo lasted, probably a loose connection but sometimes it like being in a game of musical chairs, where if you are not careful, the participants fall asleep during the enforced periods of silence.. :shh:
Arriving at destination, winds are still blowing around 40 mph, 2 places to park under the trees and by the field or away from the trees and a quarter of a mile walk. Took a chance on the trees not falling down.
Made my way to the search area and there i was for the next 3 hrs. Wind died down, sun was out, not many finds, only 12 but did find 7 more Romans, the best 2 are below for Id if anyone can help.
The reverse on the above was like looking at distorted Widescreen.
Another of the coins had a clear image of Romulus and Remus, with 2 stars above and Trier mint, although the other side was shot.
All in all not a bad session.
Arrived back at the car and no branches had come down. :clapping:
Cheers all, :thumbsup:
Pete E
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Very nice finds and I am ery jealous!
Also, I can't believe just how good a condition many of your Roman coins are....hard to believe they have been in the ground nearly 200 years...I wish my George coppers came up like that!
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Some more Roan coins :thumbsup: I have only found a couple and they have been rather toasted . Some good detail .
Glad to hear the car didnt get branched !
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Helena X2. Pax & Securitas.

A ;)
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Nicely recovered :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Wish my Roman coins came in good condition as them

Regards Steve
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Well done Dave, keep them coming,
there will silver & gold ones soon, along with other great artifacts,
Good luck next time out.
Clint :thumbsup:
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Like you, Dave, my preference is for Roman stuff and it's great to see you in such a rich seam.

Hope it continues, chap :thumbsup:
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Couple of nice detailed ones there fella.... :thumbsup:
Shame "Fields of Gold" didnt play, may have inspired the fields for ya :D
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