Posting of finds during this second lockdown

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Hello everyone.
Just a little post to clarify the Detecting Hubs position on the new rules for metal detecting and posting on our forum whilst in this second lockdown.

Posting of finds for show or ID will be allowed on our forum if found on the Beaches or public land only (permissions in place of course), in accordance with the interpretation of the rules.

Finds found on farmland or usual farm permissions will be removed until things change
Any posts openly admitting to flouting these rules will also be removed, repeat posts will possibly find your account temporarily deactivated until these rules change.

Whilst we dont entirely agree with the rules as written at the moment, we do however feel strongly about our hobbys reputation throughout this lockdown.
Feelings and emotions are running high across all platforms of our hobby, but We know we can count on your cooperation during this time.
Maybe we can spend the time with show and tell posts of old finds and stories, tips on the machines you use, questions about settings etc.

We can say that the NCMD are working very hard in the background to get these rules amended to reflect the nature of our often isolated hobby, we will keep you up to date on that score too.

The Hub Team