Julian Richards - archaeologist, Stonehenge expert & history of pottery lecturer

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Just to put you in the picture: my old chum, Julian Richards often helps when I'm stumped to know quite who is sufficiently current to know about things we find. We went to Uni together, and that was a long time ago! As part of our involvement in pottery and a huge amount of other stuff, we have been hatching a new idea where Julian will put on a small exhibition of selected pottery from Bronze Age through the Iron, Roman, Dark Ages of early Medieval and later into the glazed wares and then the rolling move to Post Medieval and Industrial to 'Today'.... or yesterday if you prefer.

https://museumofeastdorset.co.uk/projec ... YwT_jZGaXY

I'm very grateful to Julian and our various professional archaeological friends who are still working, usually from desks at home. If you are in the Dorset area & in due course, able to catch the little trial run, please do. Not great timing, but that was not expected when the Museum invited Julian to put on a three month show..... it may be held over to enable people to visit the actual exhibition.
I'm aware that another much larger show is being assembled on behalf of another museum with a significantly larger store of pots and a much larger exhibition space.
In time, we hope to welcome fellow field walkers to a number of small or accessible assembly rooms to hear Julian give his 'Potted History of Britain'. One day.... and you can ask your questions live!
For what its worth, Julian is a bit of a whizz on flints, metalwork, potsherds and the history of the landscape. You may recall his Meet The Ancestors & the Blood of The Vikings TV shows, his revival of the Alec Clifton-Taylor histories of British towns and rather a lot of writing about Stonehenge, or remember those skulls that were recoated with plasticene flesh to help us understand what ancient people had in common with today.

The Zoom lecture is on the 26th & if you haven't taken part in one, they are just what your kids use to meet with their teachers and educators. If you want to know more later.... just ask.
On the other hand: this is only about pottery rather than anything else we find whilst walking the dog.
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Hi Pottery Man,

I was very fortunate to meet Julian and the all the members of Time Team at the celebration of Mick Aston at DigNation on Lindisfarne in 2018.

Hopefully we can make it down there, failing that, another opportunity perhaps?

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Interesting post.
Only live 10 minutes away from the Museum, walked past it lots of times but never had the time to go in.
Will definitely make time and see what they have,
Enjoyed watching Julian Richards over the years
Thanks for the post,
Dave. :thumbsup:
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Many thanks for that, PM. Won't be able to catch it myself, which is a shame as my knowledge of pottery is woeful and something that badly needs addressing.
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