HP Elitebook?

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I only really bought a used HP Elitebook for use in the motorhome for GPS stuff as Garmin software is only compatible with Windows. I normally use a Garmin Etrex 20x to plot my detecting trips onto Google earth. I also have a Garmin 760 sat nav and the map became corrupt around Glasgow so I used my smartphone for naviation as the 760 was just showing us going cross country! But without the Elitebook I could not have reformatted the SD card and reinstalled the maps again to make it all good.
But I digress really as now toying with the idea of video editing again!
I'm quite familiar with Windows Movie Maker from when I compiled several major travel movies in Win 7 on my desktop a few years back of up to an hour long from very many short clips, but WMM is not compatible with Win 10, so I installed DaVinci Resolve on my Win 10 Elitebook but found that it just would not run at all due to my laptop's built in Intel HD GPU limitation. So I gave the simpler OpenShot a whirl but it only played real slow. So then tried VideoPad - much better but still struggling when a few clips loaded so not suitable for my laptop's limited graphic ability, but otherwise my spec is not too bad. I think the best solution to all this is to just bring my preferred i7 desktop aboard, I had it specifically built with video editing in mind and it has effortlessly breezed through that task so far. I find that you often have to go around the houses to arrive at the best overall solution, but much further knowledge is usually gained along the way!
So maybe indirectly detecting related as was planning to edit some detecting movie clips! 😀
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