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At the time of the find it was a genuine Roman coin but once the glasses went on at home I could see W.R.L.(Westair Replica Limited)

Although the site was not a specifically a Roman one I had found several other Roman items in the past including ear scoop, ring and brooches from the other fields. Fields overlooked by a BA fort.

What is bizarre about this W.R.L. coin is it was the second one I have found on this farm the other one being several fields away!
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Sold in Museum shops.
Remember buying a replica coin like that, from the ticket office/shop at Beaumaris castle about 10 years ago.
Is there a similar Historical attraction in your area ?
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I heard, although no idea if its just urban myth, that these replica Roman coins are bought by unscrupulous farmers and spread on the land so that they can charge gullible metal detectorists extortionate fees to detect there :rollinglaughing: :rollinglaughing:

But seriously it does seem strange finding two of these on the same farm.

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