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:Party: Its my Birthday today :Party: :thumbsup:
A little older than I wish to be but a little wiser and a day not a lot different to any other except when the postie dropped off a couple of neatly wrapped parcels which provoked a tinge of excitement . They were quite clearly books and I love books so now the guessing game began as to what type of subject matter , metal detecting , fishing or coins . They had to be one of those three and I knew they were from my Daughter but I had a more pressing appointment with my two feisty Whippets that just seem to know when to provoke a walk when other more pressing issues need to be dealt with . The racket , whinging and whining emitted from two impatient dogs was too much to stand so I decided to put off the grand parcel opening and just get them done and dusted , at least once the dogwalk was out the way I could gather a little more peace and saviour the moment .
To be fair I enjoy the walk across open farmland , pleasant scenery and the weather for November was actually quite warm and my eyes are often scanning the edges of the fields for anything interesting such as fossils or anything else of interest . There were no fossils today but we did see an impressive flock of Geese in various "V" formations cutting across the skyline , at this time of year in Norfolk its is a common sight as they make their way onto wintering fields to feast on the left over seeds and vegetation . They dont hang around for too long but they do make an impressive sight especially when in large numbers .
After that little bit of excitement it was time to walk the old railway line towards home and as per usual we upset the roosting Fieldfare that were resting up amongst the brow of tall hedgerow which skirted the old embankment . Off they went , hop scotching each other as the small flock moved further away from supposed danger until they could take no more and flew off out of sight and safety . From my vantage point the old bridge afforded me a grand view of open farmland , large fields now sprouting their fronds of winter barley had me wondering about the land on my own permission . It seemed a world away since I had the pleasure to walk the fields and enjoy what the hobby has to offer , for now though I have to be content like so many others that this interruption in our lives will pass one day and we do what we do best and that is to adapt to whatever life throws at us .
Home was not too far away now , I could see the pan tiled roof behind the tree line and the dogs were tiring and had now resorted to a more manageable ambling walk rather than flitting about in their usual excitable way and then of course I had those books to unwrap .
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Happy Birthday my good man :Party:
Hope you have an excellent day and are spoiled beyond comprehension.......ok ok maybe a beer and set to reading your new books fella :thumbsup:

I'm glad its not just my 2 dogs that cry and whine at me at walk times, feed times, wee times, infact most times :lol:
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Wishing you a very happy birthday, well what's left if it! An excuse to have some well deserved extra pop if ever one was needed. :thumbsup: :Party:
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I didn’t know it was your birthday :shock:

Happy birthdayand hope you have had a lovely day :Party:
Yes I really don’t like Roman coins, I’m not joking
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Blarst, I missed this and can only offer belated congratchleations, that man. Hope you had a great day :thumbsup:
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Belated Happy Birthday Paul. :Party:
Can feel a jam song coming on, sure you will know the tune.

" Digging through the ground,
Where broken dolls are twerking and the Codds are lurking,
Digging through the ground.

Mudlarking book looks interesting.
Roll on next week and good luck on your upcoming detecting and bottle hunting trips.
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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Happy Birthday Kenleyboy :thumbsup:
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