When will you be detecting ?

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Dave The Slave
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It`s the Final Countdown. ( Turns up the volume ).
Lockdown due for lifting in a couple of days, do you have any plans in place for detecting ?
I`ll start.
Mondays for me. Next week the added bonus of being off as well, so should be able to do an extra session and a half.
Half ?
Well i am taking some coins into my FLO for recording and should still be able to get a couple of hours of detecting in straight after.
Good luck everyone and look forward to seeing all those new finds. :thumbsup:
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I'm working Wednesday night so may get some detecting done Thursday, but will be out Saturday and Sunday if weather allows, and more importantly....... IF I'm allowed both days on the weekend by the boss

Be assured though I wear the trousers in our house (but wife told me to tell people that) :lol:

Regards Steve
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I'm due a long weekend off this week, so hopefully I'll get out either Saturday or Monday. Saying that, on my last 2 long weekends I've ended up working them. :Thinking:
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It’s going to have to be Wednesday as it’s forecast to be raining all day Thursday and heavy snow on Friday. I kid you not :shock:

Tomorrow will be lovely and sunny too :pulling hair out:

Can’t wait 8-)
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I'll be out on my own on Saturday,,,,maybe Friday if I book a day off :thumbsup:
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I'm retied so i'll be out Wednesday and any other day's i like. Well until they place us in lock down again.
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Hopefully on the land friday and then bottle digging Sunday :thumbsup:
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ASAP. :Party: Even booking a day off. Both from work and picking up the kids. (Dont worry, Im sure my wife will remember to get them) Now just hope the weather is kind :thumbsup:
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I've not been to my main pasture permissions for quite some time, I've covered the more productive areas pretty well several times over, but the rest is always worth a slow wander and turns up the odd find. My last permission was due to be ploughed but that didn't happen so is overgrown now. Maybe I should start off 2021 with a new one? But I'll still go back there very soon for a wander to get out with a change of scenery, there will still be bits about. 🤩
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