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My copy of Digging Deep arrived yesterday, I would like to say a massive "WELL DONE" to all involved. An impressive 16 pages :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Over the years one of the more common "complaints" about the NCMD was that the vast bulk of the membership had no idea who the committee that run it were and what they did, well this addition of Digging Deep has solved that with a profile of the officers and what they do. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Also an excellent article about Heritage Crime, sadly something that seems more common (my village church had the lead roof stolen earlier this year), and covers much more than just "night hawking".


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My copy arrived this morning.
Will look at tomorrow.
Dave. :thumbsup:
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Mine came today with 14 membership renewal forms in the pack :?:

Regards Steve
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