Bottle hunt market day

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Not quite as a grand affair as the title may suggest , more of a leisurely stroll along the pavement rather than weilding shovels and forks knee deep in ash and soil . This was a much cleaner affair , it was market day and the first time out to this historical place since the lockdown and welcomed it was too . The weather was not half bad either , bit chilly but the sun was shining and it was pleasant to see some sort of normality with other folk carrying on as usual .
Market Town is exactly what it is , a town built upon the fruits of market trading and very much a tradition clinging on by its fingertips . We can lament the sadness of things that eventually disappear , we always do , its human nature and we have a habit of taking many things for granted but once its gone then it is gone for good .

Not a lot has changed in this once thriving Town , the old ancient buildings still remain , a testimony for its wealthy past , grand Georgian shopfronts and early Victorian building decorated with their splendour where architects from the 1870s had a much more sympathetic artistic view compared to the architects of the 1970s with their bland boxes and straight regimented lines . The traffic has changed considerably , gone are the days of horse and cart from yesteryear and now the cars and lorries are plentiful and while the world moves forward the market still clings onto a precarious existence and it is already a shadow of its former self .

A fiend of mine sent me some remarkable footage filmed on an old cine camera of the market way back in the late sixties , it was a huge affair and every nook , cranny and alleyway was taken up with sellers of every variety . Most of it was agricultural goods and produce , and the auctioneers well dressed gents in brown over coats and bowler hats speaking in a language known only to themselves were busy keeping the eager audience captivated . The crowd obviously understood and parted with some old currency for their bargains , it was interesting to watch and the art of selling hasnt changed at all . The markets I was used to were more of the cockney "barra boys " , iffy stallholders with equally iffy goods , Fools and Horses come on down , but we knew the score and continued to fall for it every time .

All such places though have your colourful characters no matter where in the country and this small Norfolk market was no different and as per usual my " bottle contact " is generally my first port of call . A nod and a wink , a quick gander in the back of the van and some surprising goods with equally surprising prices . It is all light hearted fun , a bit of mocking in jest and as a general rule I much prefer to dig my own bottles , its a personal thing but every now and again I am tempted when I know that digging some certain bottles are just not going to happen . A bit of arm wrestling later and the deed is done . Bottle collecting can be expensive depending on what your tastes are but in general most of the bottles are reasonable and for someone starting out then it can be quite cheap and even more so if you dig them yourself . Not all can or want to , I get that because it is hard work and tips are hard to find nowadays so your markets and flea markets and antique stalls are the look out places .
This little bundle was just under a tenner , quite reasonable for something a hundred years old plus . The little stoneware cone ink bottle was a quid , I have never dug one , plenty of other variations but not like this one and the ginger beer bottles were 4 quid a piece after some haggling . A nice introduction to the "real world " .
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Great write up. Paul.
Never seen one of those conical ink bottles before. Would say a bargain for a quid.
Good luck when you do get out digging, be that glass or metallic/
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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Neat ink bottle for a squid :thumbsup:
Love that you watched some old footage of the area
I have a dvd here somewhere of loads of different footage about my home town and neighboring market town
Was a bustle of activety when the railway used to run through here and stop at the sea front, sadly all lost now

You mention car boots and the likes
There was a box of assorted bottles come up on our local faceache buy and sell page, a tenner and there were 5 of the small blue bottles amongst others, which i fancied
Missed them though as someone snapped them up within minutes :thumbdown:

Eyes peeled people as they make good decorations in your kitchen and conservatory, well they do in my household :lol:
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Great read.
Love that ink bottle. :thumbsup:
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Love a good market and the old footage from them is wonderful. Never seen any from the 60s though. If he shares it on YouTube or similar then please do let us know, I’d love to have a look.

Nice bottles, very reasonably priced too :D
Yes I really don’t like Roman coins, I’m not joking
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