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Nice to be back out on the land for a few hours this afternoon despite the finds being rather meagre . I cant complain though , the weather in the afternoon warmed up a tad and suitably attired in winter clothing I was nice and warm and just enjoying the freedom .
By the time I arrived the last remnants of the mornings frost had gradually disappeared a stark contrast to the winter white frost that greeted me in the morning . It was bitter cold first thing and I was debating on whether to bother going but as it has been some time since my last visit I decided to brave it for a few hours .
The finds were quite sparse apart from the usual buttons but I would rather unearth them than the amount of ring pulls I had the misfortune to find . I lost count after 1/2 a dozen so someone was having a knees up on the field , they give such a good signal but thats all part of the game .
The upside was the dramatic change in the scenery . With the afternoons sun up and about poking through the clouds , the warm rays drew up the moisture from the surrounding fields and the landscape was lost in the rising mist , it was pretty impressive and it is moments like these that I am glad to be able to get out and about and appreciate what is on my doorstep .
You cant beat a bit of Norfolk landscape even if it wont give up the goodies but I struggled on determined to find at least something of interest . It finally came in the shape of a tiny buckle minus the pin and I do like my buckles so it was a very welcome find .
No coins today , not even a blank one which tends to be the condition a lot of them come out and dare I say no sign of the dreaded shottie , no doubt my next visit will be jinxed and I will have a pocket full .
One piece was quite interesting and looks to be possibly part of a pewter plate or dish , I have had a couple of pieces similar to this fragment in the past , other than that , not a lot else but it was just great to be back out :thumbsup:
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Had much the same thoughts as you while I was out today, Paul. A total belter of a winter's day, made all the more special by the opportunity to enjoy it at last :thumbsup:
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What a change in the weather, one day freezing cold sleet the next bright and windless. I took advantage too, didn't find much good but just nice to be out having an enjoyable wander. :thumbsup:
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I love this little buckles. Like hammered farthing and halfpennies you know you aren’t missing much. They come out in lovely condition too. How can that be when a coin made 3-400 years later is in tatters :lol:

Yes a stunningly foggy day. Well it was round here. It made our local forest weirdly quiet and still. I like that!
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Thats a grand view across that field too, plenty to calm the mind there

Amazing though, it was only a short while back that people couldnt even get the spade into the ground, now we cant get our wellys out of the ground :shock:

All diggable signals, which bodes well for this area :thumbsup:
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Well done on being able to extract a few items.
Nearly gave up myself this morning.
Coil turned into a block of ice crystals. :o
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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