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Finally got my CTX up and running, well a mate of mine who is quite handy on electronics and circuit boards got it going.

So Sunday morning finally headed out to my permission. It was cold with a hard frost but I was going to be well wrapped up. Driving the 10 miles to my permission I was pondering which field to tackle. I seem to have given a name to all the fields. Anyway I parked up and decided to do the Horse Field but by the time I sorted myself and got kitted out I changed my mind and opted for the Iron Age field. The grass was white with frost which I like because when you look back, you can trace exactly where you have walked. I have previously had a few hammered's from this field including 2 cut half's and also a few Roman grots and Brooch fragments. Anyway, the first hour was pretty quiet, just a few blank coppers, fragments of lead and other scrap. After a short break, cup of tea, a smoke and a Jimmy Riddle I set of swinging again and Wham Bham thank you Mam a lovely signal and my first hammered coin for about 18 months. Think it's Edward I but not sure. Only good find of the trip, but made it all worth while.
Pete E
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Glad to hear your machine is up and running, and what a lovely find to get kick started again..

It never ceases to amazes me the condition some finds come up in. You would swear that coin has been in somebody's draw for the last few hundred years not buried in a muddy field!
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Wonderful you are getting out. And you found a lovely coin to boot! Hope your lucky streak continues now!
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I love a hammered, and what a hammered, in fantastic condition, I'd be well chuffed with that.well found and well saved. :thumbsup:
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Class 14 Edward II London penny.

A ;)
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Many thanks Allectus :thumbsup:
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Nice one. :thumbsup:
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A Hammy makes all the difference to the day. And yours is excellent :thumbsup:
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Well done on getting the CTX up and running again :thumbsup:
And for it to find you a hammy is a good start, well found :clapping:
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