First trip out post Lockdown 2

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Dave The Slave
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Had been looking forward to yesterdays detecting trip, after finally finding some decent Roman coins in my previous 3 trips.
Weather forecast was 1 degree, with a feels like minus 1.
Extra layers of jumper and fleece added.
Ground was not frozen but the chill was bitter, looked at my coil and it was like the inside of a slush machine, not had that happen before.
Went straight to the Roman are, 1st signal, Roman coin,
no more to be found so went for a wander to get the circulation going again. Had a rip in my jeans and my thigh was blue.
After a 20 minute wander, warmed up again.
Has a signal, which turned out to be a coin, on the surface but hidden by vegetation. Thought it was a shilling, turned out to be an 1840 Farthing, not found that denomination before.
Turned up the usual bits and bobs, plus the worst conditioned Roman from that field.
27 items in 4 hrs.
Looking forward to the next trip, which may be tomorrow.
Cheers all, :thumbsup:
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Nice to see you got yourself out there fella :thumbsup:
You need some thermal long johns my friend to cover up any holes in your jeans
I bought some from lidl many years ago and my wife says i look like Compo :shock: from last of the summer wine (large version of him i might add :lol: )

Nice little Roman there too, i expect there will be a few more and hopefully a brooch or 3 :thumbsup:
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Getting some decent finds like that takes the edge off the chill :thumbsup:

Your first Roman looks to be in decent nick, too.
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Nice to see some people are getting out and about, lockdown delayed things but its safe in the ground waiting to be found.

At least your romans have some detail, whatever you dig it warms you up in the cold :thumbsup:

Regards Steve
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Great to get out and at it Dave. I'll take a roman any day :thumbsup:
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Good man, it was freezing today! Glad you got some Romans as I know you like them :thumbsup:
Yes I really don’t like Roman coins, I’m not joking
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Brave man , it was seriously cold yesterday , we abandoned the dog walk halfway through and headed for home . Good to be out though and even better when you find a few bits . Roman looks a neat one :thumbsup:
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