I think i need to do some gardening, just in case !

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Must be an old house I would have thought. my garden had a few modern coins in :(
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Not a bad result at all. :problem:

I detected my garden during the first lockdown, plenty of modern stuff as expected, but and old copper coin turned up too. In the front garden which is only small, I found an American coin which cleaned up quite well. I also got a cracking large sounding signal right in the middle of the front lawn, I suspect it might be some lead water pipe leading to the house . . . I didn't dare stick the spade in just in case. :D
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Apart from several scaffolding clips and paint tins the builders left buried after they built the house all i have found has been .45 bullet head.

My house was the last one at the far end of a small estate so all the rubbish was stored in the garden area before skipping it away. When we bought it the stockpile was still there ,but by the time of moving in it had gone and the area turfed. Now i know where most of it went ..into a hole they dug to get material to restore the garden.
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