Second Trip out, Post Lockdown 2.

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Dave The Slave
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After Mondays weather, then Tuesdays which was so cold did not even go detecting. Have touched on Pink Floyd recently, not sure about their
" Comfortably Numb ", I was definitely uncomfortably fffrozen. :thumbdown:
Those little sun symbols on the weather forecast for Wednesday, looked very inviting, therefore 24 hrs after i had originally planned, the 2nd trip of the week was made.
Straight to an area where i have found a few Romans recently and after 3hrs criss crossing from every direction possible , managed to winkle out another 6, tiddlers.
Only a couple with decent detail.
The other bits, the fine grid stuff seems to be all over the place.
Found a complete 1940`s. Frank Coopers of Oxford (Cath, Emily :thumbsup: ) slanting bottle that is also embossed Coopers Oxford on the bottom. Until i cropped the photo did not realise it said, " Sole Manufacturers of Oxford Marmalade ", also could not see the Coat of Arms.
Bottle is 4" high.
17 items found over a far more pleasant session.
Cheers all. :thumbsup:
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Very good Dave, a few more Roman coins, well done :clapping:
I have always found that when you hit a spot with Roman coins in them they seem to be concentrated in an area, unless it was a known Roman place where they are everywhere
I had 1 field many years ago where it was approx 20 acres in size, yet the Roman coins could only be picked out of a small ish 1 acre area in the top left corner of the field, the rest of the field rarely showed any Roman finds or activity

Keep going fella, more to come i sense :thumbsup:
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Statistically when 1 in 3 targets is a Roman coin that is really not bad going! :thumbsup:
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I'd settle for that, Dave. Your coins come up in slightly better condition than mine, though that's not saying much :lol:
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It's like waiting for a bus.....then 6 come at once.
Great day. Well recovered
Really like that little bottle too :thumbsup:
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Nice that the Oxford stuff gets everywhere :D

I found my source of Roman coins on one field were all in a straight line at the top of the field. It ŵas obvious that a footpath ran along the top line about 10 feet into the field. The only Roman artefact I found was part of a trumpet brooch about a 5-10 minute walk on the other side of the field. I hope your coins turn into other Roman finds too. Be nice to get a brooch or buckle or nail cleaner or something :D
Yes I really don’t like Roman coins, I’m not joking
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