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I'm privileged to have access to a number of local farms owned by the same family for over 4 decades now.

I had searched all the big fields on this one farm and really had not thought about searching a very small orchard but on looking at the old maps on a 'side by side' website I noticed it showed 2 freshwater springs.

Speaking to the landowner he said the field also had a pond at one time also the field had never been ploughed in living memory.(too small)

I found the Anne coin last week in the old orchard so I thought I would go in again to have another look, Anne coin came from where the old pond so I concentrated this time on the dried up springs.

A very feint signal on the edge of one old spring produced 3 coins and the others were single coins came quite close to the first 3.

First photograph is the width of the field and the spring is just over by the thatched cottage, 16th century. (RHS)

DSC_0008 (1)jpeg_phixr-2.jpg
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Oh my Good God. Fantastic stuff.
Well recovered. As is always said. You need to walk over it to find it :thumbsup: Whether its a huge field or a small
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What a great result. :thumbsup:
Like buses you wait ages for one and they all turn up at once! :lol:
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Very well done, great finds.

I always like old orchards, then would always go for a small field rather than a large one given the choice.

A few years back I attended a large dig and a few of us headed straight to a small old orchard, after a while having collected some buttons a fair mixture of rubbish I moved on. Talking to a few at lunch time the one person that had headed to the orchard with me showed me a lovely gold sovereign, and said I found this 5 minutes after you left the orchard near to where you had been :pulling hair out: :pulling hair out: :pulling hair out:

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What an excellent day Doug, in fact what an excellent week for you :clapping:
Very well found :thumbsup:

Looking forward to seeing more from this orchard
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Thank you for sharing all the info on the find spots and field characteristics. It is so much more interesting and educational. Wonderful coins - very, very nice 8-)
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Well done, Doug.
Silver six in one session.
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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Well what can one say :thumbsup: :thumbsup: very well done to you :clapping:
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Nice finds,well found, well saved. :thumbsup:
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Congratulations Doug, you certainly came up with the goods didn't you?

It's nice to see a photo of the permission, along with the finds that came from it. :thumbsup:
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