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figgis wrote: Wed Dec 16, 2020 7:11 pm Strange thing - some people seem to find them with monotonous regularity and others don't get a sniff. I did wonder if proximity to the source of an important religious establishment might play a part, but from what I can gather they were churned out all over the gaff, with even the smallest village church buying them in to flog on. Or maybe your area was uncommonly healthy and/or had fertile land so there was no requirement for them?

Whp knows, but hope you get to find one :thumbsup:
Me neither, never had a sniff of one. There seems to definitely be more in some areas than others :cry:
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I once found one but it was not a looker, nothing you would display or even look at occasionally. Not like this little cracker. :cry:
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Possibly mostly heathens in my area....lol :lol:

Found this which is an interesting read
https://medievallondon.ace.fordham.edu/ ... ns/show/90

Regards Steve
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Nope ! Coming up to half a Centuries looking ,and never come across one. :( :(
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