What's left on the horse field? Part 2.

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I covered the furthest paddock from the track this time. The grass is real short but there were quite a few surface puddles on the clay soil.
A target came singing in at 32 but quite jumpy, a silver gothic florin was most welcome though needed a zap. I was thinking that silver would be a pretty tough call on here now unless quite small, then this big fella pops out!
A possible George II farthing shortly followed, perfect size and thickness but kind of splitting apart, it's toasted anyway! Further on I found gold peeping out from a lump, a short tease as it was just a plated Navy button. In an area where I had previously found a bunch of Vicky coppers, a one way target proved to be another on edge, a halfpenny. Yet another farthing showed, there seems to be a few about. A thin silver edge poking from a lump was not the hoped for hammy but a very thin silver coloured button, another identical one later followed. Maybe tombac or silver but they have copper shanks. Also a tombac button with circles design. There seems to be a reasonable ratio of decorated buttons to plain ones on here. A crotal bell fragment too. I thought the eyed spike made of copper alloy rather than the more usual iron was a bit unusual? Another one of those curved stainless steel things was very shallow, I expect they're horsey related. Not much to show really, you never know what could turn up though. Maybe the other three paddocks will produce some better finds, but they were partly searched and finds included in Part 1. viewtopic.php?f=8&t=1287
Till next time!
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Still a few diggable signals there fella, and right on your doorstep too which is a bonus with this weather
Coins on edge are a good find as it shows you are listening :thumbsup:

However, the gold in those paddocks are certainly shielding themselves well, maybe they are in the tier 3 zone?

Keep it up my man, you're flying the flag for detecting at present :clapping:
I am totally rained off here, almost flooding levels too :shock:
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