NCMD’s latest guidance for detecting

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We have been asked to provide clarification on the rules affecting our hobby in Tier 4. To put it simply they are at least as stringent as they were in the recent National lockdown for England, with added restrictions.

What do we know?

There is no detecting allowed on private land, unless it is part of the place you are living(i.e. your garden).

You can only meet with one other person outside your home and that must only be on public land such as beaches, parks, etc.

You cannot travel outside your Tier 4 area. You must stay local.

What is not fully clear is if you can detect on public land (with permission) such as beaches. It appears you can, with the limited information currently released, but we’ll let you know if this is incorrect once further information is published.

We have been asked by a few members about the rules for detecting over the Christmas period. Put simply the rules for detecting do not change for any part of the 4 UK countries, even on Christmas Day.

Please note our role is just to provide clear guidance to the rules and legal position being set by the Governments in each country, we do not set the rules.
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Any idea about the situation Wales? Previously there was some latitude under the exercise/well being to detect if you stayed local and did not drive to a location, but I have not seen anything mentioned at all this time..
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