What's left on the horse field? Part 3.

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And so onto the next paddock. As said before, these 1 acre paddocks have previously been heavily detected by me with other detectors a few years ago so I wasn't really expecting much more off this one, but the conditions are ideal as the soil is damp and the grass is super short.
My second target was a pleasant surprise, a Lizzy groat, not in great shape but I'm not complaining. Though folded it came in at a solid 12 on the Nox from about 7" deep. My only other hammered from this land was a James I about 4 years ago, so both are close on dates and probably lost about 400 years ago. So that's added some new inspiration! Dare I think there could even be three?
The Lizzy was already showing cracks at the edges of the crease so required annealing to straighten but then came in at 15.
Next target was a bit of a screamer into the 30's, an 1826 George IV farthing emerged from about a foot deep though put up a bit of a chase. (For those who don't know, the Nox elevates responses of targets near to edge of detection, so you just know that it's going to be something deep and non-ferrous - my favourite type of signals!) A slight iffy was a pigeon ring of 2000 date. After that the rest was pretty quiet with mainly the occasional small button or small lead blob. About 3/4 quarters down the paddock a solid 10 was a small lead token. And another in the 30's was a George III farthing from atop the clay layer at 10" deep. The bottom end was quite trashy with iron and bonfire patches just as I remembered it but still pulled several more targets out. Those tiny aluminium eyelets sure give a good signal. From beneath some brambles came the large oval lead item.
A shame that most of the targets winkled out weren't anything better, but the Lizzy groat saved the day! :D
I wonder what the next paddock will bring? :Thinking:
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You`re certainly extracting plenty of items, Easy.
Giving us plenty to look at.
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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Oh wow now we are talking fella :clapping:
Great couple of finds there, and the last photo can show the ratio of exciting finds, compared with stuff we must dig, and to finish it off the scrap pile would show how much effort and digging goes into our hobby to be able to find some keepers

Keep it up fella, i think as you say there may be more awaiting discovery :thumbsup:
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That’s a great result - the whole bag full, but especially the Lizzie! Well done indeed. I’ll have to live my detecting life by watching you for a few weeks so keep at it :thumbsup:
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Some variety Easylife. Great to see the Lizzy (even better straightened) :thumbsup:
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It’s amazing how items still remain in the ground after many searches, by several people. There’s a lesson for us all here... when you think a field is done to death, persevere and you’ll be rewarded :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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The oval lead item is a palm guard :thumbsup:
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Bes99 wrote: Sun Dec 27, 2020 11:44 am The oval lead item is a palm guard. :thumbsup:
They're generally taken to be palm guards but not necesarily so. I wonder why they would mould two circular depressions into the convex side rather than the flat side? :Thinking:
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