What's left on the horse field? Part 4.

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I'm slowly gridding the last 2.3 acres of horse field. The ground was quite water logged so I started from the bottom end where it was not quite so wet. That area has always been quite overgrown but much less so now so it's no surprise that many targets have shown that were previously missed but they're noticeably thinning out on the previously better searched ground.

The more interesting finds were a 1730's George II halfpenny counter stamped with 'R'. A near blank 1740's George II halfpenny. A 1799 George III halfpenny. A 1806 George III halfpenny. A pierced possible George III shilling forgery. A pierced 1830's farthing. A smaller farthing. What an odd bunch of coins?
Two small lead weights. Two curious thin as hammy discs, one has some silver plating, the other of 20mm appears blank. A silvered livery button. The best find was a rare masonic token - viewtopic.php?f=8&t=1343&p=13421#p13421
There's a fair bit of iron about down the bottom end and some of these targets were quite iffy at up to 10" deep.
I covered about 3/4 acre this time, still more to search yet, anything could show!
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You`re doing a good job or removing all the metal.
We all know what Organic is but a requirement should be removal of all metal objects from that ground prior to grazing or growing.
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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You really have had a lot of items off this area fella....nice one :thumbsup:

I read just now that coins were often seen as good luck things and also were said to cure illness
So were pierced and worn around the neck
There is a little bit about warding off evil spirits (witches and the like) back in the day, and also the idea that the lucky coin will attract more wealth and prosperity to that family

Ideas that would be laughed at in todays world, but back then could have been perfectly plausible :thumbsup:

I have put this link on Saffrons love token thread, but it is an interesting read as you get further down the page

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