Charles I penny.

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I had another bit of a swing on the horse field but nothing too great came up. So I wandered back along a fence line swinging under it and got a nice banging sweet 15 on the Nox, and this tiny 13mm Charles I penny emerged from about 4". A first for me and one off my wish list. :Party:
Edit: Straightened and cleaned.
Very easily lost, I dropped it twice. Same size as an Eddy I farthing.
D2 - 13"x11" coil - audio only.
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I like finding Charles 1st coinage. :thumbsup:
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Tower Mint, Group C ?
Well done, Easy. :thumbsup:
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Ooooh nice find fella....and on your wishlist too
If i bring my wishlist can i have a swing there too? :ugeek:

You have had some great finds from this little area, well done for your percy verance and hats off to your wife for putting up with where you are at the moment.... :thumbsup:
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I did hear that Charles 1st coins were sometimes worn to show support for the king - hence the hole. Anyone know that to be the case?
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✔ off your wishlist
Excellent Easylife :thumbsup:
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Nice one.Easylife, well found and well saved :thumbsup:
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Very well found :clapping:
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Great find, well winkled :thumbsup:
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