Yet another Echinoid

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I seem to be having some luck with these interesting fossils while out on the daily dog walk . Once again , with the recent rain and walking past this spot many times , it is amazing what finally reveals itself once we have had a downpour . Unfortunately I didnt have my phone with me which was a shame as this one was side on poking out of the mud and would have made a really nice photograph .
One of the better condition fossils with a nice sharp impression with the flint .
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That's pretty cool. :thumbsup:
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That’s lovely. You are building quite a collection which will look great as a group. Well done Paul :thumbsup:
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I can see a new shelf being built in the Kenleyboy household to hold all these eccles cakes you are finding :lol:

I need to open my eyes a bit more i think when i'm out...

They are actually really cool, i've just done some reading on them :thumbsup:
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Only ever seen one in real life but you seem to have hit a Galaxy of Echinoids, Paul.
Dave. :thumbsup:
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