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Greets, one and all :thumbsup:

A couple of months back we mooted the idea of showcasing Hub members' finds by way of youtube videos and figured it's time to do something about it. We thought we'd start with a selection of unidentified finds which we can put out there in the hope that a wider audience might increase the chances of an ID. Do bear in mind, though, that our YT channel is still in its infancy so there's unlikely to be miwyons of responses. Yet. But if we can grow the channel then that will change :thumbsup:

Any road up, if anyone has anything they'd like featured then you can post stills on this thread or email any footage to figgis @ thedetectinghub dot co dot uk. Any images should ideally include a scale as an idea of size is really important when it comes to unidentified stuff, as are shots from several angles.

Videos at 30fps, please.

Many thanks, and look forward to getting this started. :thumbsup:
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Great idea Figgis; I'm all up for a bit of video....will send some over...!
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I have a bit of video too, 30fps and 1:20 long, just under 100MB in size. I'll send you and email. :thumbsup:
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