Earliest artefacts found.

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There is some evidence of a BA (Bronze Age) fort on one of the hills close to these fields although there as never been a full scale excavation by the archaeologist only a partial one.

The fields have also produced quite a few Roman artefacts and coins but there is no sign of occupation in these fields below the hills.

The topography means there is a natural pathway between the hills which is where most of the Roman items came from.

There is written evidence of a Roman coin hoard found when a horse and cart trail was put in to haul the timber from the hills.

1 A Late Bronze Age copper-alloy awl 1150-800BC although they did go over date wise to the Roman period.

2. These moustache-like objects are thought to date from the Middle Bronze Age to the Late Iron Age, after the discovery of one in the Salisbury Hoard, possibly a scabbard chape.

3.A copper alloy probable strap fitting, probably dating to c. 1000 - 1 BC. The object is made up of a slightly trapezoidal sub-square frame with an integral irregularly sized sub-spherical knop on each corner, with two, both on the same side, notably larger than the others.
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