A few finds this afternoon

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It was nice to be finally back out on the land again especially as the weather had an almost spring time feel about it , lovely and warm and no need for a woolly hat for a change . Had a good chinwag with the Farmer , I think it made a change for him to actually see someone ! We put the world to rights and before we knew a good hour had passed .
The Land has had a serious soaking and rather than make any mess we agreed the stubble fields were best option and to be honest I didnt care too much , I was lucky to be out and about .

This is one of my favourite fields , I have had a few nice bits from here but it tends to play ball when its had a good sift over with the plough and I was eager to get a go despite the sea of pesky stubble which lay before me . It was a strange feeling being out after such a long while and in a strange way it felt like I was stepping on the field for the very first time however that soon passed once I got under way .
Nothing of note for about half hour then I neat little signal which gave up this tiny buckle and once again , I do like finding these , one of my favourite items .
With the stubble to contend with , it can be a a very quiet field compared to the rest of the land but with time and patience it does play ball . I was recently in discussion with Blackadder and we got onto the subject of my permission and the outer reaches of land where there has been some Archaelogical digs in more recent times . I sent over an image of the land as he wanted to hazrad a guess at what he would percieve as productive areas without me giving away any clues . The results were interesting and pretty well bang on and I took in mind one area he had earmarked as one interesting spot . Call this coincidence but I was on my over to this area and although it was fairly quiet I finally managed a decent solid signal and out popped this little object .
It has the look and feel of a Roman coin although quite worn . There is a hole right through the centre and I had a similar coin last year with better definition and that one turned out to be a coin which had been drilled deliberately possibly Saxon .
Either way it is an interesting little find .
Not a lot else apart from a few odds and ends and a pocketful of scrap . As dusk approached it was time to go so I made my way towards the car and managed one final signal before calling it a day , a surprising half silver sixpence 1928 , a little bent but not worn .
All in , a nice way to ease myself back into things .
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You look like you had fun. It’s too waterlogged and muddy to get large quantities of finds so you did well to find anything. The tiny buckle in particular must have been a faff to find :D

Nice to be out though wasn’t it? And spring is starting to peep over the horizon too.
Yes I really don’t like Roman coins, I’m not joking
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Its great to see people getting out :thumbsup:
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Well done in the conditions. The one with the hole has a pair of crossed keys on it. :thumbsup:
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