Birthday dig

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I managed to get out for a few hours today.
I’d booked the day off work and was hoping to wake up to a dry morning. Unfortunately it was tipping it down. The water levels has dropped recently, but the ground was still saturated.
It dried up at about lunchtime, so off I went. It was wet under foot, but not that bad.
A few bits came up, but nothing to get the heart pumping.
A few buttons, the obligatory bits of lead, a brass knob, a finial, a small watch winder, musket ball, a modern gasket ring and a couple bits of bronze - one of which looks like it was once something....
So not the birthday gold I’d hoped for, but I was out for the first time in months :thumbsup:
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It’s nice to get out isn’t it? My first two trips out were a complete bust. Think it takes a couple of hours to fully get the ear back in - or is that just me :lol:

So many buttons must mean other things are there. Need a bit of dry weather snd you’ll be dragging the silver out again. Very pleased you got out for your birthday :D
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Best birfday treat ever is being alone in a field....suits me sir :thumbsup:

I have yet to venture out......feels alien after such a long time too
Be nice to engage with nature again, instead of just saving the worms crossing the roads on me dog walks :lol:

All your finds today were good signals, and thats the key to knowing that there are other really good signals still there.... :ugeek:
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The other day I had 2hrs on some pasture and had similar dismal finds but also managed a French token and a weight. Still it was great to be out having a wander about again.
Passing some of my other permissions I see that the pasture is short and only the cultivated fields have some flooding, but one has been ploughed so will have to give that another go when it dries out some.
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Happy Birthday Shaggy!!!!
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