Any thoughts on this bit of bronze?

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Out a couple of days ago and this popped up. It’s a copper alloy partifact of some sort - I assume it’s bronze.
Context - field hasn’t given much up - mostly modern post 1700s, but there has now been a few lumps of this kind of copper alloy turning up. It looks distorted, possibly a partly melted pulley?
What do you think - show the FLO or put it into the recycling pot?
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Not a Scooby doo ,sorry :shock:
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No idea chap, but i bet it blew yer lugholes off with the signal :shock:

I tried my best to make it look like a destroyed part of a pot vessel foot or summat like that, but really not sure
Pot leg is usually my go too for any bronze ID :lol:
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No idea either! I hate bits of bronze or copper lumps. They are old and need to be something in my eyes but invariably aren’t anything identifiable which is infuriating.

I’d show it to the FLO just in case but I expect it’ll sadly end up in the scrap box :(
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