Out with my new toy today

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First time out for ages and to think only last week we were under a blanket of snow with no chance of getting out yet to day it was sunshine with a bit of cloud and even the hedgerows are showing a hint of blossom , spring will be here soon .
I was also eager to play with my new toy which arrived in the week . Much excitement in the kenleyboy household , for me anyway . The excitable unwrapping was a rather lonesome affair , the mere mention of anything metal detecting related is met with a stifled yawn so I am left to the grand opening in the kitchen alone . It matters not , nothing beats a nice new shiny bit of kit especially if you have had some formal experience , for me it wasnt going to be too much of a daunting task .
Opted for the Deus Lite for now with the slightly larger coil in the 11x35 , just the job and advice taken gladly and with all fully charged I was raring to go and get accustomed to my new machine .
I was relegated to the stubble fields today , the other land is under crop and was sodden so it was best not to go tramping all over it in these conditions . Stubble is not my favourite but beggars cant be choosers and I had to thank my lucky stars I was one of the lucky ones being able to get out after such a long time away from it all so the stubble will be just fine .
I decided to stick with the Hot programme I had got quite used to it previously although I was warned that using the larger coil the signals may sound a little different to the HF coil so to begin with I dug everything just to see what was going on with each signal and pleased to see that they were not that far removed and it wasnt too long before I was getting used to the sounds through the headphones .
Apart from a few trashy dug signals I christened the new toy with this tiny little buckle and one of my favourite items to dig , was well chuffed .
Although these stubble fields are generally quiet I was finding plenty of buttons so at least I was safe in the knowledge that there is stuff in the ground and the machine was functioning properly . Next decent signal was the George 111 1775 half penny in quite good condition as most of these tend to be really worn with little or no definition , at least I could read the date on this one .
All in a great few hours out and about in the fresh air . I cant wait to get on the barley fields when they have dried out a bit and as long as we dont have too much rain I should be back on them in a few weeks time . Today was more about being out and using the new bit of kit and and the finds were just a bonus .
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Love new toys to go out and set up to your liking...
Finding buttons and buckles shows you are tuned it and raring to go...
Nice to get out too :thumbsup:

Are you sat cleaning your new machine now? :lol:
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So excited for you :D Glad you christened it straight away and, especially considering the conditions, with great finds!

Love the buckle and think you did brilliantly. The X35 uses different firmware to the the HF coils and it is brilliant in a slightly different way. You’ll love it!
Yes I really don’t like Roman coins, I’m not joking
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Happy hunting with your new toy. :thumbsup:
D2 - 13"x11" coil - audio only.
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Great stuff, Paul, and glad you're settling in with the new machine. The x35 are great coils - nice and stable :thumbsup:
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Paul, well done on your finds with the new equipment.
As you say a Georgian Halfpenny, which seems to be the most abundant coin in my area, with a legible date is some what of a rarity.
Good Luck on future trips with the new Technology.
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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