deflated silver...?

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Morning All,
I found this yesterday - I got quite excited asa I thought it might be an early silver coin folded over but its not! it was in a really trashy field too but is till think it might be silver - not sure if it passed the foil test I thought it smelt eggy but that might be my nose playing tricks on me.

It looks deflated as it seems to have a funnel of sorts and i'm wondering if it may have formed a "drop" or "droplet" of sorts.
I'm a bit baffled - have any of you seen anything like it? Any knowledge gratefully accepted and ta in advance!

All the Best
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It looks hollow, maybe the end of a batton?
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Looks Silver to me from the picture anyway. :D
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Looks very interesting! A bit like the top of those hollow silver handles they had for boot hooks, etc. Could be much older though!

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