Well I enjoyed that!

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It was much nicer yesterday, bit breezy but no rain and the ground is drying out nicely.

Back on the field where I had the Lizzie 3 farthing last week. First hole was the possible wick trimmer (see separate ID post here )
Second hole was a ring :D It’s base metal and modern and I suspect off a keyring but it made me smile (shown with a harness or similar ring)
Third hole was a coin. I know it’s another William and Mary tin one with a copper rivet. I found one in much better condition nearby a few weeks ago.
Next was a button. The first of 7. Love the two matching Dandy buttons found within a few feet of each other.
Loads of lead bits, lots of off cuts and another blank lead round one. It’s not a token so must have been used for a more industrial use.

Nothing life shattering but really enjoyed the whole 3 hours :D
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That looks a nice session, some nice stuff there :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Looking forward to getting out this weekend too, not been out since the 3rd of Jan due to one thing and another, got confirmation and the OK from the farm to carry on

As you say the condition of the ground does dry out a lot quicker than we realise, don't enjoy getting caked in mud

Regards Steve
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Nice finds, Cath.
To find a pair of matching buttons, that close, was the item of clothing left behind at the time ?
Would imagine if it had been used for shoddy, the buttons been better than those, a labourer would have worn, would have been removed.
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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At least your getting out and finding , It`s more than some of us are doing. I`m still under house arrest. :cry:
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That's what it's all about - enjoyment :thumbsup: Mind you, I'd have enjoyed finding that lot, too.
My plan today was to stick the latest batch of beer into the barrel then swan off for a few hours' wafting but the back proved not to be up to either :thumbdown:
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Nice one , always good to be out and about and enjoying the hobby , great finds Cath :thumbsup:
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I bet that ring made your heart pump a bit faster for a few seconds :thumbsup:
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