Ideal ground conditions?

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A while back conditions were great here, all targets were so easy to interrpret whether deep or close to iron. But then the ground got saturated and even had standing water causing ghost signals, but the deeper and near iron target responses got a quite messy and not so easy to interrpret at all. But now the ground here is just damp again it is just perfect. Well that's how it was for me on my patch anyway? Even in dry hard packed ground in summer targets are as easy enough to interrpret even if less seem to want to show themselves. How is it for you?
I'm currently working my way up a pasture hillside but before I reach the top it will likely be too dry, but that's clay soil for you!
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Same here - just about perfect in places though still waterlogged in others. It's nicely compacted now too, so the aim is to get out and make the most of it while I can.
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Conditions are pretty perfect here too. Moist enough to dig easily but dry enough to get good clear signals on deep targets. Good time to get detecting if you can :thumbsup:
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Ground conditions are just right . On my last visit I was able to go on the crop and despite all the rain we have had I was very surprised at how neat and compact the soil was with no trace of the usual few kilos of mud clinging to my boots . So for now with the sun shining and no rain I am making the most of it and will be back out on the fields again tomorrow . :thumbsup:
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Ive still a bit of both Easy, at least I did a couple of days ago when I was out. Was on an Iron Age area and it was perfect, as you say, damp and the signals were great. Then on to a patch were ive had a bit of Saxon before and it was still sopping wet and very difficult to get a decent signal, am thinking I might try there again tomorrow and see if its a bit better or not :thumbsup:
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