Good day out 19-07-20

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Hello all

Today 19 July 20 is my first venture out (since Feb) to a new field of 60 acres, only able to do the tram lines as the rape crop has recently been cut, wow are those stalks tough and sharp, hope they will soon be disked down, quite warm and had to shed a layer. Able to park the vehicle in the field so not far to go for refreshments.

The new X35 coil and settings on Deus Ultimate seemed to work well, picking up the iron which is easily ignored after a few digs just to confirm that was the what it was, from the top L to R; a buckle, a Roman, William III halfpenny, George III Halfpenny 1807, A strap end and a second George III Halfpenny 1807
Lots of buttons, modern bullets, a harness stud, couple of lead shot and a plant label, had a spoon handle, one large piece of lead, some foil and a can and not to much signal diggable iron.

They were all shallow with one George on the surface, just as well the ground is like concrete, hope to get some rain on it and looks promising and not detected with how easy I found the finds

all in all a good day out, thanks for looking
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It’s lovely to be out again isn’t it? Although rape stubble might have put me off. Hate that stuff.

Liking the X35 coil? If you aren’t yet you will be once you can get it flatter to the ground. It’s much quieter than the old black coils and, in my experience, deeper.
Yes I really don’t like Roman coins, I’m not joking
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