Guidance for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as we exit lockdown

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Current situation - Metal detecting is permitted within the local outdoor recreation rule. It must start and finish at the same place and must only take place within 5 miles from the boundary of your local authority area.
You must only detect within a single household group, or as a group comprising no more than 2 people from 2 different households (N.B. children under the age of 12 from these households do not count towards this number.)

Exiting lockdown - Please note all dates below are the earliest dates that restrictions may be eased; these dates may change as they rely on a range of conditions being met. However today, 2 March 2021, the First Minister indicated the exit out of lockdown could be accelerated and some reductions in restrictions may be announced as early as next week (w/c 8 March).

No earlier than 15 March - 4 people from 2 different households can meet outdoors.

No earlier than 5 April - the stay at home requirement will be removed. Six people from two households can meet together outdoors.

No earlier than 26 April - the return to geographically variable levels. Exact details to be confirmed.


Current situation - detecting is not forbidden but exercise is only permitted if it starts and ends at your home.
‘’… you can leave home as often as you like to exercise, as long as you do so alone or with members of your household or support bubble (and/or a carer).
There are no legal limits on the kind of exercise that is permitted. However, in practice, this will be constrained by other alert level 4 restrictions requiring exercise to start and finish at home…’’

They also say that, except in very specific circumstances, exercise must not involve people driving to a location away from home. Carrying sports equipment is NOT a justification for driving to exercise. ... tion-58483

Exiting lockdown - Information on how Wales will be moving out of lockdown (alert level 4) is not very clear at this stage. A strategy document has been released and can be found here ... ckdown.pdf

We are sorry that right now more information on what easing will look like but we will update you on any proposed changes as they are announced.


Current situation - Detecting is not forbidden. You can exercise individually, with your carer or carers or with other members of your household. Other rules on travel, etc. should be followed. ... eland-2020

Exiting lockdown - Northern Ireland will have a stepped approach to exiting lockdown, although with no set or expected dates when these will happen. The restrictions are reviewed every 4 weeks. The Executive’s next review of the Coronavirus Regulations will take place on 16 March and they do not expect the current picture to change significantly before Easter.

Although we don’t know when the first step out of lockdown will happen we do know it will allow 10 people from 2 households to meet outside (not at a private dwelling). Also the stay at home rule will be relaxed.
Second stage will relax the numbers who can meet outdoors.

Full details can be found in this document published today (2 March 2021) ... ummary.pdf
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