Interesting find on PAS today, Boar, Iron Age/Roman

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Dave The Slave
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Not sure how often you look at the PAS database.
Unless looking for specific items to aid an ID, normally a daily look at the first page of the latest recorded finds, plus a quick look at the county i detect.
This has just been recorded, ... id/1023137
What a great find for someone.
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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Now that would make the heart skip a beat . Thanks for sharing that, good idea to check the PAS more often.
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What a belter of a find!
Dave The Slave wrote: Thu Mar 04, 2021 3:17 pm Not sure how often you look at the PAS database.
With monotonous regularity. Being a self-recorder, I find it a valuable source of wordage I can nick and paste into my own finds information :lol:
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A nice little piggy. :thumbsup:
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That one was posted on Twitter yesterday and is being used as another find that ‘should be included in the definition of treasure’ propoganda war going on right now :?

It’s a beautiful little thing but now I’m giving it with a dirty look even though it’s not it’s fault :lol:
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