Another blast on the silver field.

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Previous finds have been quite thin towards the top of the silver pasture field but my GPS tracking showed areas which I had barely searched at all so I started to grid there with the Nox and 15 x 12" coil on Tuesday seeing as it was such a nice afternoon.
After just 5 metres a hefty pot leg showed itself and another 5 metres an 1845 Vicky shilling, so a positive start. Further along the 30 metre run a general service button was at 12" deep. On the return line a faint but high TID was a sure sign of a deep target, at 8" a piece of iron showed but was not the original target, then at 14" deep the top half of a small crotal bell was a pleasant surprise as it's been a very long time since my last crotal bell from this entire permission. It was shortly followed by another crotal bell fragment but that of a larger bell. I started to feel a theme coming on but I was into quite a heavy iron patch now and nothing much of note was showing but then a watch winder with a central glass bead. Last swing of the run produced a rectangular buckle. I moved across a short way to try where I had found the silver war badge last visit but there was lots of old foil about so I was not liking it too much until a sweet 26 was a silver cufflink, maybe the nicest silver find from here yet, made by Charles Horner and hallmarked Chester 1894. I searched for the other half but it was elusive.
I resumed the original area and yet another crotal bell fragment appeared but this time decorated with a fishscale pattern, and later another crotal bell fragment followed an almost full one. Crotal bells are like busses you wait ages for one then several appear at once!
Often toy partifacts and badges show up too.
A small silver spoon handle poked out of a soil ball and from first impressions of it's decorated bowl I guessed it would be 18th century as I've previously had a very similar 1789 one from here. The maker is Benjamin Cartwright II but as it only has the lion hallmark it dates before 1781. Also a small Medieval heraldic harness mount of 13/14th century. A 36mm copper alloy commemorative medal of the Battle of Culloden dating 1746. ... _medal.htm
There were a fair few farthings and some other coins, an Edward VII commemorative medallion, a cloth seal, a small 1930's powder compact case, but also a couple of chunky curious bronze items.
124 items dug including plenty of lead, my finds bag was full and weighed 2.25kg. I covered about 1/3 acre this time, it was fun and had enough good targets to keep the interest. It looks like there are about 2 acres left to search on the silver field but from the amount of silver items it has previously produced I would really expect a gold item to show up sometime. The finds further support my theory that this field was a popular picnic spot in Georgian and Victorian times.
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Great selection and large amount of finds from a small area.
As you say a popular picnic location ?
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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That was a very interesting write up with a nice selection of finds . By the sounds of it , with the amount of silver coming up then I would imagine a piece of gold wouldnt be too far away . I wish you luck :thumbsup:
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Great write up easylife :clapping:

It certainly shows a lot of activety in that area, possibly like a market site or events area (only because of the toys you found)
Not trading as such, more a general gathering area
Will follow this field with interest, keeps you fit and active thats for sure :thumbsup:
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Ohhh I dream of a fun finds day like that right now. The cufflink is a beauty!

Shame the fish scale crotal bell wasn’t whole. I’ve only ever had fragments of that type but love seeing them. Great write up too :Star:
Yes I really don’t like Roman coins, I’m not joking
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What a great haul of mixed finds.
Well found and well saved.
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Finds Good, write up very good, photography excellent! 👏
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