Noah's Ark Buckles

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As I have said many times detecting is a funny old game. Currently with me its a bit like Noah's Ark, finds are coming 2 by 2. I had never had a linear lead token then had 2 one after the other. Then I was only thinking the other day after digging a very poor condition rusty iron buckle that I had not had a nice one for ages then today I get a couple that are reasonable in a very short rain curtailed session

The first one came from an area that I had covered several times in the past, and has horrid ground conditions and a fair bit of rubbish so was a bit of a bonus. Rather nice to have one with the pin still attached and in good working order, about 1 1/2" by 1".

Very pleased with the second one as it was surrounded by a lot of rubbish and could easily have been left undug, after filling the hole swung over the area again and did not believe that I had found it among all the rubbish, about 1" by 3/4".

Both found within 100 yds of the car which was handy the way it started to rain as I dug the second one.

As taking a photo of them thought I might as well photo the remains of another one I found a few days ago, about 2" by just over 3/4".

Any idea of ages?.

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I find that too. Sadly not with hamerred coins though :Thinking: Oh hold on I haven’t tested that for a while as I can’t even find one :lol:
Yes I really don’t like Roman coins, I’m not joking
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