This is why your Beach becomes a new hunting ground after a storm

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This was yesterday in our little town
The view you have here the sand shifts from right to left
It can shift hundreds of tonnes of sand in one high tide with the correct wind behind it, and expose layers of finds that havent been exposed before
Always worth finding some sort of "sand level" marker on your local beach and keep an eye out after a storm for exposed layers and cuts in the sand

Scroll down the report for the video ... battering/
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Looks pretty wild! :shock:
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Not exactly a bucket-and-spade day, eh?

A kind of marine equivalent to ploughing.
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That should keep the dinghies away! :thumbsup:
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From the title Bruce, i thought you had ventured onto sand and hit the jackpot, whatever that may be.
Yep pretty wild on the videos.
There`s a corner on the coast road at Southbourne, where you get masses of foam wash over the road when the sea and wind conditions are right. Monsoon mode is needed for the wipers.
No doubt somewhere, someone is raking in the newly uncovered beach artifacts.
Cheers, :thumbsup:
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